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    Get inspired by 24 innovations from Europe revolutionizing education


    Order the *updated* book now and dive into the future of education & learning in 8 European countries


  • The journey behind the book

    An education explorer on a Europe tour


    Distance traveled in Europe


    Inspiring European innovators met


    European countries visited during the tour


    Most innovative schools visited


    '😍' moments

  • Why we need to rethink education

    The manifesto behind the book

    1. Moving away from the status quo

    The status quo is failing. The way we learn today is no longer efficient.

    We must use more engaging and personalized learning methods.

    2. Engaging the learners

    We have to move away from a system where learners are passive consumers of learning to a system where we engage them to the widest extent possible with the help of the right active pedagogies & tools.

    3. Putting educators at the heart of change

    Educators are the heart and soul of any system’s transformation. They should be highly valued and at the heart of any pedagogical innovation.

    4. Using research findings to facilitate evidence-based learning

    We must use research findings to improve our pedagogy, educational products and services. We now know way too much about the functioning of our brain to ignore it.

    5. Never forgetting the context

    Education is sculpted by culture, history and politics, but it is grounded in local insights, and people. There’s no copy/paste possible in order to change a system.

    6. Predicting the future (which is now.)

    The future of education in 3 key words would be 21st century skills, lifelong learning and inclusion through personalization.

    With that in mind, author Svenia Busson explored innovative education initiatives across Europe and found a great number of best practices. The first version of the book was published in 2018, the second, updated and enriched version, in 2022.

  • 24 innovations are highlighted in the book

    Including these ones.

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    Ørestad Gymnasium

    Copenhagen 🇩🇰

    The story of an extraordinary school building made of open learning spaces and the pedagogy that is being developed to fit them

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    School as a Service (SaaS)

    Espoo 🇫🇮

    The vision behind the concept of a decentralized school developed by Finnish service architect Jarmo Suominen

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    Code University

    Berlin 🇩🇪

    The journey behind the creation of one of the most innovative higher education institution in Germany

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    Helsinki 🇫🇮

    Teaching kids empathy and social and emotional learning skills

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    Pelgulinn Gymnasium

    Tallinn 🇪🇪

    The story of a high school that choose a holistic pedagogy supported by technology

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    Barcelona 🇪🇸

    A Public Private Partnership helping teenagers become producers of technology (techEd)

  • Reader testimonials

    They read it and loved it!

    "A book full of hope"

    This book offers a refreshing and optimistic peek into some of the latest education initiatives in Europe.
    As we follow the author across countries with various political and cultural backgrounds, we encounter passionate people and the projects they are leading in schools, universities, teacher training programs, startups and non-profit organizations.

    Although there is still some way to go to improve our education systems in the 21st century, here is a book that fills you with hope.

    (Amazon Review)

    "Real inspiration for entrepreneurs, teachers, parents & co."

    Not only does the author focus on the EdTech companies who are transforming behaviours pedagogically, she’s also looked at the whole system and understands the role teachers and other innovators play in genuinely moving things forward. She realises this needs to be a collective effort, and my hope is this book helps others make that realisation too.

    The book is written succinctly and with bite size stories that should inspire anyone who works across education and technology to focus on what matters most, the learner.

    (Amazon Review)

    "Inspiring and optimistic"

    This book is a breath of inspiration for those like me who are interested in 21st century education.
    It takes us to 8 very different countries to show us innovative initiatives that have real impact and that inspire us to take action.
    Svenia Busson writes in a style that is both accessible and easy-to-read, and once immersed in her book, it's hard to shake it off.
    I highly recommend it.

    (translated from French - Amazon Review)

  • The author

    Svenia Busson, education explorer since 2015

    Svenia Busson is an entrepreneur and Edtech explorer. She co-founded the Edtech Tours in 2015 and since then she travels the world to shed light upon best practices in education innovation. In total, she travelled 19 countries, wrote a series of articles and a report that can be found on her website. For her latest tour in Europe she got asked to write a book where she tell the stories of 24 initiatives shaping the future of education & learning. She was helped by the talented writer Sairica Rose to write this book in english and published by Pierre-Antoine Ullmo (SMP Éditions).

    She's the co-founder of LearnSpace, a Learning Innovation Hub, Edtech France and the European Edtech Alliance.

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    Exploring the Future of Education

    Exploring the Future of Education

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    A Journey Through Europe's Education Innovations
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    Svenia will speak at the following events

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    Exploring the Future of Higher Ed - Barcelona 🇪🇸

    Join the Spanish Higher Education event - May 11-12th in Tarragona, near Barcelona, Spain. Register here.

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    The Future of Edtech in Europe - Tallinn 🇪🇪

    Join an intimate discussion around best practices in Ed(tech) in Europe

    Short presentation of the updated edition of the book & open discussion

    May 5th, 2022. Register here to attend.

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    The Future of Edtech in Europe - Helsinki 🇫🇮

    Join an intimate discussion on Edtech Trends and Best Practices in Europe

    Short presentation of the updated edition of the book & open discussion

    May 3rd, 2022. Register here to attend.

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    Mobile World Congress - Barcelona 🇪🇸

    Keynote speaker for the mschools 'future educators, educators of the future' event.

    March 3rd, 2022. More infos here.

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    World Education Summit - online 🌎

    A 100% online event on the future of education and learning!

    March 21-25th, 2022. Register here.

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    Global STEM Labs - Online 🇩🇪

    Global STEM Labs - Impulses for tomorrows learning spaces is an event by Waldner Academy. Replay available here.

    January 19th, 2022

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    Updated book release - Paris & online 🇫🇷

    Join an intimate discussion around Ed(tech) in Europe

    Short presentation of the updated edition of the book & open discussion

    January 27th, 2022. Register here to attend online (or in-person if in Paris)

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